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Ray Realty Group Now Features Video Tours On Listings!

homesearchIt is already well known that almost all home buyers are searching for their next home on the internet. We have also learned that in order to capture a buyer’s attention on the internet the visual presentation of your home is crucial. That is why we have always strived to provide the best pictures and virtual tours to showcase our listings.

Many of today’s virtual tours being provided by real estate agents (some agents don’t even provide one for some reason) are just moving slideshows of the still images they already presented to a potential buyer. These do look nice, but I feel most home buyers do not care for these, because it doesn’t provide them any more information. Others provide a 360 degree view from the center of a room, which does provide more to the buyer, but is difficult to navigate. The virtual tour we have been using provided better angles with photos stitched together to give a potential buyer a better feel for how the home flowed and a more complete view of each room. video Our virtual tours helped make our clients homes stand out as compared to others in the past, but we want to keep improving. Recently we have decided to invest in video to give our clients another advantage in today’s market.

We considered two choices to take the next step in our virtual tours. One was a 3D solution that involved a unique camera that scanned a room to create a 3D layout of that room. It looks very impressive and is a lot fun to play with. The problem we found with it was it was not so obvious or easy for a person viewing the completed 3D tour to know how to operate it. It became more frustrating and was not making the viewing experience as easy on the potential home purchaser as we wanted. So, that’s when we looked to a video solution.

Video, as obvious as it should have been, is the perfect choice. With the right video equipment, you can present a home in a way that the buyer can feel like they are actually there. So why aren’t more agents currently using video? Well after much research, putting together a video walk-through of a home while not making the viewer sea sick is not as simple as just walking through with your iPhone. And many agents aren’t willing to invest in the equipment to do it themselves or they just hire someone to do it on select homes.

 At this point we had two options.  Look for a videographer we could hire or invest and expand our current operations to create our own video productions.videoproduction





When you rely on a hired photographer/videographer you are limited to their availability and have a hard time getting them to redo anything. Trying to line up the best weather, meeting our client’s schedule, and having to sometimes have something updated or redone is difficult when you rely on an outside source. We also run into difficulty making custom requests hiring an outside source as they usually have set solutions they provide. With these thoughts in mind we knew we had to begin producing our own videos just as we had decided to do in the past with our virtual tours.

And so it begins….

After a lot  of new equipment, software, and late nights,  we have started presenting our listings with video tours. We are very excited about the finished videos and the response has been incredible. If you are wanting to sell your home, please contact us, we are ready to help.

Click here to view our latest video home tours!



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